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Demonstrative Adjectives in Hindi Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Hindi Language

In Hindi, there are adjectives which are called the demonstrative adjective. The adjectives are the pronouns which are used as the adjectives of  the nouns. In Hindi, the demonstrative adjective is called सार्वनामिक विशेषण (Saarvanaamik Visheshan). As you know from the previous posts on the pronoun and adjectives, a pronoun is called सर्वनाम (Sarvnaam) and an adjective is called विशेषण (Visheshan).

Som of common demonstrative adjectives are कोई (Koi – Somebody), कुछ (Kuch – Something), यह (Yeh – This), जिसका (Jiska – Whose), etc.  For example, the bold words are the demonstrative adjectives in मेरी पुस्तक (Meri PustakMy Book), कोई लड़की (Koi LadkiSome Girl) and कुछ आम (Kuch AamSome Mango).

In Hindi, the demonstrative adjectives are of four types. Let’s go through each type with a brief explanation and some examples. The adjectives are shown in bold and the romanized Hindi is given in italics.

1. निश्चयवाचक सार्वनामिक विशेषण – Nishchayvaachak Saarvanaamik Visheshan

These demonstrative adjectives are derived from the indefinite pronouns. Some examples are,

A. उस पुस्तक को मुझे दो। – Us pustak ko mujhe do. – Give me that book.

B. यह रोटी तुम्हारी है। – Yeh roti tumhari hai. – This bread is yours.

2. अनिश्चयवाचक सार्वनामिक विशेषण – Anishchayvaachak Saarvanaamik Visheshan

These demonstrative adjectives are derived from the definite pronouns. Some examples are,

A. बाहर कोई आदमी खड़ा है। – Baahar koi aadmi khada hai.Some one is standing outside. (lit. Some man is standing outside.)

B.मुझे खाने को कुछ मिठाई दो। – Mujhe khaane ko kuch mithai do. – Give me some sweet to eat.

3. प्रशनवाचक सार्वनामिक विशेषण – Prashanvaachak Saarvanaamik Visheshan

These demonstrative adjectives are derived from the interrogative pronouns. Some examples are,

A. कौन लड़का आया है? – Kaun ladka aaya hai?Which boy has come?

B.किस ने तुम्हे यह कहा था ? – Kis ne tumhe yeh kaha tha?Who told you that?

4. संबंधवाचक सार्वनामिक विशेषण – Sambandhvaachak Saarvanaamik Visheshan

These demonstrative adjectives are derived from the relative pronouns. Some examples are,

A. जो लड़का कल आया था, वह राकेश का मित्र है। – Jo ladka kal aaya tha, vah Rakesh ka mitr hai. – The boy who came yesterday, is friend of Rakesh.

B. जिसका काम हो, वो कर ले। – Jiska kaam ho, vo kar le.Whose work is his, will do it.

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