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When you look at India’s historical past, there were many instances where powerful rulers had to build forts to defend their kingdoms. As a result, there are forts littered all over India. One such famous fort is the Agra Fort. The Agra Fort is an important historical site. Many important events occurred on this fort. For example, this fort was where Humayun was crowned king, and this fort was where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son. The Agra Fort is a beautiful place, with decorated columns and marble walls, but make no mistake, it is a defensive area with multiple gates, a moat and a drawbridge that makes entrance into the fort very difficult. In fact, it is such a protected area that the Indian military is still using Agra Fort


While Agra Fort is in Uttar Pradesh, Mirjan Fort is in the Indian state of Karnataka. This fort was built with stones and high walls so that the enemy could not climb its walls. There is also a circular moat that also prevented enemies from entering the fort. Since this fort was the site of several battles, some of the fort is in shattered remains. As of now, efforts to restore the fort are in process. Archeologists believe that among the remains was a hidden passage that allowed certain individuals to access the fort. As more and more of the Fort is being repaired, archeologists are learning new things about the Fort. It’s kind of exciting to see what they might discover next!


In Andhra Pradesh, there is a fort called Kondapalli Fort. The Kondapalli Fort was built by Hindu kings of Kondavid. Later, when the British came to India, they paid the Mughal ruler Shah Alam to purchase the Fort. The Fort was later used as a military training base by the British army. Like other Indian forts, Kondapalli Fort has multiple gates and towers. However unlike other Indian forts, it has a cemetery inside the fort that was built by the British. In the initial years when Kondapalli Fort was built, it was a pleasure and business center, which is why at the far end of the fort, the Tanisha Palace can be found. Later, when Kondapalli Fort was used mainly as a defensive site, jail rooms were added to the Fort.




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