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Gajak and Rewadi: The traditional sweets of north India Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Hindi Language

Gajak and Rewadi are the traditional sweets found in northern India. They come in various varieties and are enjoyed only in winter seasons. It is believed that Gajak and Rewadi are healthy to eat in winter as they provide good amount of energy to the body.

Gajak (गज़क) is usually a dry sweet which is made of sesame seeds which is called तिल (til) in Hindi and jaggery but sometimes a core of condensed milk (खोवा – Khowa) is also made as in roll Gajak. They are available in various shapes like slabs, rolls, balls etc. Rewadi (रेवड़ी) is also made of sesame seeds and jaggery but it is available into small candies. As the preparation for both of them is a time consuming process, these are hardly made at home. These are available only in winter from the shops  which specialize in them. Don’t forget to have a taste of them if you happen to be visiting northern India during winter season.

 Let me show you some of the most popular Gajak and Rewadi.

Rewdi comes in various flavors though only two are varieties are famous.  One is white and another one is browned. Sometime it is flavored with essence of fragrant screw pine (केवड़ा – Kewda).

Roll Gajak
Roll Gajak is very famous and usually comes in two variety, one which is with a soft condensed milk core and one without core. It is usually garnished with pista and other nuts.

Til Gajak
Til Gajak comes in small thin slabs which is also called चीकी (Chiki) or पट्टी (Patti) in some region. It may come plain variety and another variety which is usually garnished with pista and other nuts.

Mungfali Gajak
Mangfali Gajak is the most popular and least expensive gajak. It is made of मूंगफली (Mungfali – Peanuts) and jaggery. It comes in only small thin slabs or Chiki.

Mungfali Laccha
Munfali laccha is a delicious gajak which is made of jaggery and peanuts. It does not have any shape and comes in irregular shape.

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