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Gudhi Padwa Posted by on Apr 24, 2009 in Hindi Language

Gudhi Padwa (गुढीपाडवा ) celebrates Raama’s (राम ) return to Ayodhyaa (अयोध्या ) after killing Raavana (रावण ). Raama (राम ) is a legendary king of Ayodhyaa (अयोध्या ) who fights Raavana (रावण ) the king of Lankaa (लंका). According to the legend Raavana (रावण ) holds Raama’s (राम ) wife Siitaa (सीता) captive and Raama (राम ) tries to rescue his wife by battling his enemy Raavana (रावण ).

Gudhi Padwa (गुढीपाडवा ) is a huge holiday in the Maharashtra region. Maharashtra is an Indian state west of India. Late March or early April on the solar calendar is the beginning of the year on the Indian lunar calendar. Gudhi Padwa (गुढीपाडवा ) also marks the beginning of the rabi (रबी) season. Rabi (रबी) is a time when the crops are harvested and it marks the beginning of the spring season.

To prepare for Gudhi Padwa (गुढीपाडवा ) people sweep the floors in addition to a full spring cleaning of the house. In some villages fresh cow dung is plastered on the mud hut cracks and roofs are thatched. You’ll also see gold brocaded yellow, green and other colored scarves called zari (ज़री ). The zari (ज़री ) is tied to a stick with a pot placed over the zari (ज़री ). Small flowers and twigs are sometimes tied to the stick as well.

The whole getup with the zari (ज़री ) and the pot is called gudhi (गुढी). The gudhi (गुढी) is like a home made flag celebrating Raama’s (राम ) victory over Raavana (रावण ). The gudhi (गुढी) is placed on the right side of the entrance of the home. It’s thought that the right side will bring good luck and stave off any evil.

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