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Hindi literature spans a multitude of genres and themes.

For instance, Veer Gatha Kaal (वीरगाथा काल) (1050-1375) is a period in Hindi literature praising the exploits of warriors and gods in epic poetry. Vidyapati Thakur is a famous poet of this period. He’s written poetry about love, Lord Shiva and nature.

For instance, Bhakti Kaal (भक्तिकाल) (1375-1700) is a medieval period in Hindi literature. Bhakti (भक्ति) means “devotion” in Sanskrit and some of the literature in this genre happen to be religious in nature. That’s not to say that there aren’t any secular works in this genre. The poet Kabīr (कबीर) was a famous writer of this period. You can get a glimpse of his beautiful poetry  here :

Ritikavya Kaal (रीतिकाल) (1700-1900) period of Hindi literature is known for its erotic themes. The poet Bihārī (बिहारी) is known for his work Satasaī or the Seven Hundred Verses. Some of his poems chronicle the love between Krishna (कृष्ण) and Rādhā (राधा).

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