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Hindi Numerals Posted by on Mar 28, 2009 in Hindi Language

Namaste (नमस्ते)!

We’re going to take a look at Hindi numbers. Although Indians can read Arabic numerals like 1, 2, 3 etc. we still have our own number system with different symbols. Also, keep in mind that the symbols are really easy to read and predictable. It’s the pronunciation that’ll kill you.

0 : () shoonya

1 : () ek

2 : () do

3 : () teen

4 : () char

5 : () paanyach

6 : () chah

7 : () saat

8 : () aath

9 : () nao or nau

10 : (१०) das

So here are the ways you would spell and pronounce these numbers in Hindi:

0 : (शून्य)

1 : (एक)

2 : (दो)

3 : (तीन)

4 : (चार)

5 : (पांच)

6 : (छः)

7 : (सात)

8 : (आठ)

9 : (नौ)

10 : (दस)

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  1. Monique:

    Hey how do you write the number “46” in Hindi numerals? I wanted to get it as a tattoo, and I wanted to make sure i got the correct symbol for it.


  2. Monique:

    If not Hindi, then Arabic? or Devanagari Numerals? these are the names that come up when I look it up online, forgive me if they’re not at all similar..

  3. Kunthra:


    If you look under “recent posts” on this page, you’ll see that I’ve done a post on 31-50. I’ve provided the number 46 in Hindi numberals and in writing so feel free to pick whichever.

  4. Monique:

    Thank you very much Kunthra

  5. Larab:

    How would i write the year “1978” which is also for a tatoo 🙂 thank you!!

  6. Kunthra:


    1978 = १९७८

  7. parveen bhardwaj:

    hi i need these dates written in hindi can u help please


  8. Joanne Fleishman:

    Hello! I would really appreciate your help with writing a number in devanagari numerals. The number is: 13154839 . It is a very important number to me and has alot of sentimental value and wanted to have it tatooed, so I want to be 100% sure that it is written correctly.
    Thanks for your support.

  9. Mukund:

    Ye sankhya aap :

    teraa (terah) karod ek lakh chouwan hajaar aath sau oonchalis

    likh sakati ho.

  10. Mukund:

    Aap oosay Hindi may aise :


    likh sakate ho.

    Dhanaywaad, fir milenge,

  11. Simon:

    Hi, can u do me a big favor ?

    Convert my birthday to hindi or arabic which is 1990/ 04/ 12

  12. Laresa:

    Hey can u write me my name in hindi, it’s Laresa

  13. salindu:

    i wnt to know what is number name for 39 in hindi?

  14. sejal:

    i never knew how to write 7,8 and 9 in hindi

  15. Anne Marie:

    Can someone please translate the following three numbers please? 9,13,23.
    They are the dates of my children’s birthdays .