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Hindi Present Tense Verbs Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Hindi Language

Hindi verbs have to be conjugated to reflect the subject of the sentence. Let’s look at the Hindi verb “to do” in the masculine, using the singular and plural forms.

I do : मैं करता हूँ

You do : आप करते हैं

He/It does : वह  करता है  

We do : हम करते हैं

You (plural) do : आप  करते हैं

They do : वे करते  हैं  

The verb “to do” in the feminine will only be slightly different from the masculine, so please pay attention.

I do : मैं करती हूँ

You do : आप करती हैं

She/It does : वह करती है

We do : हम करती हैं

You all do : आप करती हैं

They do : वे करती हैं

कर = to do. Now you can see for yourself as to how the verb changes in respect to gender and number.

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