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Homonyms in Hindi Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Hindi Language

In Hindi, there are several words which may create confusion because they are very much similar in spelling or pronunciation or both.

Lets pay some attention to some of the pair of similar distinguished words (समश्रुति भिन्नार्थक शब्द). Romanized spelling are provided in first brackets and English meanings in second.

Common Homonyms or Pair of Similar Distinguished Words in Hindi

First Word
Second Word
आसन (aasan)(Seat) आसनं (aasann)(Near)
अशक्त (ashakt)(Weak) आसक्त (aasakt)(Attracted)
कंगाल (Kangal)(Poor) कंकाल (Kankal)(Skeleton)
ओर (Aur)(Way, Direction) और (Aur)(And)
अन्याय (Anyay)(Injustice) अन्यान्य (Anyany)(Other one)
गृह (grah)(House) ग्रह (grah)(Planet)
दिन (Din)(Day) दीन (Din) (Poor)
पथ (path)(Way) पथ्य (Pathy)(Avoid)
गुर (gur)(Skill) गुरु (guru) (Master, Expert)
वास्तु (vaastu)(House) वस्तु (vastu)(Thing)
सम (sam)(Equal) श्यम (shamy)(Self-Control)
शूर (Shur)(Brave) सुर (sur)(Blind)
दशा (dasha)(Condition) दिशा (disha)(Direction)
बाग (baag)(Garden) बाघ (baagh)(Tiger)
चिर (chir)(Old) चीर (chir)(Cloth)
शंकर (shankar)(Load Shiva) संकर (Sankar)(Mixed)
साजन (sajan)(Husband) सज्जन (Sajjan)(Gentlemen)
कुल (kul)(Family) कूल (kul)(Shore)
मात्य (maaty)(Mother) मात्र (maatry)(Only)
क्रम (kram)(Sequence) कर्म (karm)(Action, Work)
संघ (sangh)(Society) संग (sang)(Together)
अवधि (avdhi)(Limit) अवधी (avadi)(An Indian language)
कड़ाई (kadhai)(Strictness) कढाई (kadhai)(Embroidery)
आँधी (aandhi)(Storm) आधी (aadhi)(Half)
आदि (aadi)(Society) आदी (aadi)(Together)
पका (paka)(Ripe) पक्का (pakka)(Strong)
सूत (sut)(Son) सुत (sut)(Cotton Thread)

Let me know if you have any difficulty or doubt or you wish to have a lesson on a particular topic.

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  1. tanushree r. patil:

    thankyou very much this has helped me in my project

  2. Srushti:

    It has helped a lot for my project.keep it up………

  3. Nandini rai:

    Please tell me the homonyms of upchaar and apchaar

  4. Rina Singh:

    Very pleased to know to show your interest in languages . I am teaching Hindi in Australian National University in Canberra.

  5. Sarah Roy:

    These are homophones (समध्वनिक शब्द), not homonyms. Homophones sound similar, whereas homonyms (अनेकार्थी शब्द) are words that have multiple meanings.