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Indian Amusement Parks Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the happiest and family friendliest places to visit is the amusement parks that can be found all over India. If I had to choose, I’d say that the Appu Ghar is probably one of the more busier amusement parks in India. The Appu Ghar is located in New Delhi. The Appu Ghar is even open in the winter where people can go sledding, skiing, ice boating, ice fishing, ice-skating, or just plain play in the snow.


Another popular amusement park is Essel World. Essel World is an amusement park located in Mumbai. There is a children’s carousel, bull riding for children, elephant safari, rock climbing and so many other rides and activities. The slogan for this amusement park is ‘It’s Your World’ and the 34 major rides really turn this slogan into a reality. If you go at special times during the year, like New Years, you’ll also see a spectacular fireworks display and even a small parade.


Dash N Splash is an amusement park that specializes in water rides. The Dash N Splash is in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The motto of Dash N Splash is ‘Refresh Yourself’, which is fully possible with the shade of the coconut trees, the water slides, the spiral water slides, and the water slide drop and many other rides. This amusement park has rides for both children and adults, so the whole family can go!


Nicco Park is an amusement park in Kolkata. Nico Park is popular for its wooden roller coaster, saucer cup rides, toy train rides, cable car, cave ride and water chute. In the future, as more people with disposable income increases, there will be more sophisticated rides and more amusement parks. India is a fun place to stay and enjoy yourself, you just need to know where to go!


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