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Indian Bread Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in Hindi Language

Hope you’re not too hungry because we’re going to preview some delicious Indian varieties of bread!

चपाती is a thin type of bread made from flour, water and salt. Very little if not any yeast is used in चपाती. The dough is flattened until it is very thin and heated on a skillet. Then some ghii (घी) or butter is spread over the bread. The चपाती is usually used to scoop up some of the meat and vegetables of a dish. Sometimes it is used as a sponge to absorb some of the liquid of the dish.रोटी is a little different in that रोटी tends to be a bread that is thicker than चपाती. रोटी and चपाती are virtually identical in appearance.

पराँठा is a type of bread filled with vegetables and cheese. The dough is created first and then the fillings are placed inside. Then the ends are closed and the पराँठा is fried with cooking oil. पराँठा breads are thick and several layers can be found when you open the bread. Sometimes पराँठा is prepared without anything inside. The पराँठा is served plain and lathered with buter and sometimes consumed with some tea or milk.

नान is a bread that contains yeast. The dough is made up of milk, yogurt, cumin and nigella seeds, white flour and salth. After the dough has been kneaded, the dough is left to rise. When it rises the dough is divided into balls that are flatened. Then they are baked in an oven. Sometimes नान is dipped in soup and sometimes it is consumed with the toppings layered on top of the नान.

पूरी is a bread prepared with some salt and whole wheat flour. When पूरी is fried with some butter, the bread starts to rise. After the bread turns golden brown it is left to cool. The final product of the bread will have a bulky shape to it. पूरी is served with some lentil soup for breakfast or as a snack. Sometimes पूरी is also served as a ceremonial offering to the gods.

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