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Indian Waterfalls Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is nothing more refreshing than to stand under the mighty weight of a waterfall. In the summer, they are an alternative to cooling down. There are many outstanding waterfalls in India that attract lots of tourists.

One of these fascinating waterfalls is a waterfall called Kempty Falls. Kempty Falls is located in Uttaranchal. Kempty Falls is not the highest waterfall in India, but it became a popular destination for tourists when a British entrepreneur built a resort near the waterfall.

Courtallam Falls is located in Tamil Nadu. It is 167 meters high. The locals use the waterfall for their daily needs such as bathing and doing laundry. The best time to go see this waterfall is in the monsoon season. In the monsoon season the waters rush to the bottom in a torrent of water.

The Palaruvi Falls are located in Kerala. It is about ninety meters high. The waters from this waterfall are pristine and safe to swim in. It is also reputed to have healing powers. In the sunlight, the waters glimmer like sparkling diamonds; making it a beautiful sight to watch.

Magod Falls is located in Karnataka. It is about two hundred meters high. In the monsoon season, the water runs off a soil bed that turns the water into a light brown color. From a distance the waters run so quickly it looks as if it a cloud of smoke is descending to the bottom floor.

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