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Learning a New Language Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Hindi Language

When I learn a new language, I am great at mastering grammar. Written and reading proficiency in a language comes easily to me. However I get tongue-tied and start scrambling for vocabulary when it’s time to speak. There is plenty of research out there that will point you to various approaches to learning a new language and almost all agree that opportunities for conversation are the best means of acquiring a new language or building on it.

A blog is a written medium, and as such untenable to spoken conversation. However, from time to time I will dig back into past blogs and toss together exercises and activities that will prompt you to jog your memory of past lessons.

Take a shot at the following exercises and post your responses in the comments section. Was it challenging? Too easy? Want more? It’s always great to hear feedback.

TASK 1 : Translate the following paragraph into Hindi. All words have been addressed in previous posts.

My grandmother is very sweet. She is clever and short-tempered/angry, too! She is not very fair or tall. She drinks a lot of hot tea. She loves to go to the market and buy expensive mangoes. She is 90 years old.

TASK 2 : In the following list, match Column A with Column B.

Match columns A and B

Match the sentences with their tenses.

TASK 3 From the following list of words, find pairs that go together.

बुखार      किराना     ड़ाकिया     अस्पताल

परिचय       दूकान      परिवार    पत्र

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