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Many Reasons to Run Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in Hindi Language

In the United States people are celebrating the Thanksgiving festival त्यौहार (tyauhaar) this week. This is a holiday छुट्टी (chuttee) that celebrates मनाना (manaana=to celebrate) and gives gratitude कृतज्ञता (krutagyataa) for all good things in life जीवन (jeevan). Most Americans will gather इकठ्ठा होना (i-kattha hona=to gather) to feast with friends दोस्त (doast) and family परिवार (parivaar). Those less fortunate अभागे (a-bhaagey) depend on the generosity उदारता (oo-daar-ta) and efforts of charitable individuals व्यक्ति (vyucktee) and institutions संस्था (sun-sthaa), for small warmth and comfort.

One such event is the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, held in San Jose, Calif. As the name implies, it is a Thanksgiving Day event that brings together some 25,000 + people who run in the spirit of the festival and also to raise funds धन जुटाना (dhan jutaana = to collect funds) for 5 large charities. The mood is friendly and giving, with volunteers out in the early morning chill सर्दी (sur-dee) to offer encouragement प्रोत्साहन (proat-saahan), direction, and post-run goodies.

Running दौड़ना (daudna=to run) is catching on a sport in India, too and facilities सुविधाएँ (suvidhaaen) like toilets शौचालय (shauchaalay), water पानी (paanee), food खाना (khaana) are fairly well organized आयोजित (aayojit). It is another great way to see a beautiful country.




As you read the words below, listen to the audio clip for pronunciation.
त्यौहार tyauhaar festival
छुट्टी chuttee holiday  
मनाना manaana to celebrate  
कृतज्ञता krutagyataa gratitude  
जीवन jeevan life  
इकठ्ठा होना i-kattha hona to gather  
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दोस्त doast friend(s)  
परिवार parivaar family  
अभागे a-bhaagey less fortunate  
उदारता oo-daar-ta generosity  
व्यक्ति vyucktee individual  
संस्था sun-sthaa institution  
धन जुटाना dhan jutaana to collect funds  
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सर्दी sir-dee chill/cold/winter  
प्रोत्साहन proat-saahan encouragement  
दौड़ना daudna to run  
सुविधाएँ suvidhaaen facilities  
शौचालय shauchaalay toilet  
पानी paanee water  
खाना khaanaa food  
आयोजित aayojit organized  
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