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Pair of Similar Words Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Hindi Language

Sometime you may encounter some similar sounding words in Hindi. These words are like “weak” or “week” in English. There are plenty of such words in Hindi.

Most of these similar words in Hindi are the products of different vowels. The vowel system in Hindi is very comprehensive. To learn Hindi, it is import to understand the intricacies of various vowels and how they are represented in script. I would suggest you to have a look on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indic_script

Some of the similar words which are common in Hindi conversations are:

अवलंब  (Avlamb) = Support
अविलंब  (Avilamb) = Immediate, without delay

कुल (Kul) = Family
कूल (Kūl) = Shore

काठ (Kaath) = Wood
काट (Kaat) = Cut

ओर (Aōr) = Towards
और (Aaur) = and

अन्यान्य (Anyaany) = Other
अन्याय (Anyaay) = Injustice

गृह (Gṛah) = House
ग्रह (Grah) = Planet

दिन (Din) = Day
दीन (Dīn) = Poor

मात्र (Maatr) = Only
मातृ (Maatṛ) = Mother

वस्तु (Vastu) = Thing
वास्तु (Vaastu) = Architectural

शूर (Shūr) = Brave Man
सूर (Sūr) = Blind Man

बाग़ (Baag) = Garden
बाघ (Baagh) = Tiger
भाग (Bhaag) = Part

क्रम (Kṛam) = Order, Sequence
कर्म (Karm) = Deed, Act, Work

पका (Pakaa) = Ripe
पक्का (Pakka) = Strong, Certain, Decided

आँधी (Aandhī) = Sand-storm
आधी (Aadhī) = Half (feminine)

आदी (Aadī) = Habitual
आदि (Aadi) = Etc.

निर्वाण (Nirvaan) = Death
निर्माण (Nirmaan) = Construction

संग (Sang) = With, Company, Association
संघ (Sangh) = Society

सुत (Sut) = Son
सूत (Sūt) = Cotton Thread

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