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Poem in Hindi – Rise this much Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Hindi Language

Today, I was reading some Hindi poems and stumbed upon an interesting poem from द्वारिका प्रसाद महेश्वरी (Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari), a famous Hindi poet. Immediately, I thought of sharing this poem with you all by preparing a post.

The poem is in Hindi and I have translated (literal) it in English. Hope you will enjoy.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : इतने ऊँचे उठो (Itne Unche Udho – Rise this much)

इतने ऊँचे उठो कि जितना उठा गगन है।
देखो इस सारी दुनिया को एक दृष्टि से

Rise this much as the sky.
See the whole world through one eyes.

सिंचित करो धरा, समता की भाव वृष्टि से
जाति भेद की, धर्म-वेश की

Irrigate the earth with the spirit of equality,
Of Caste difference, of religious uniform,

काले गोरे रंग-द्वेष की
ज्वालाओं से जलते जग में
इतने शीतल बहो कि जितना मलय पवन है॥

Color hatred of black and white.
World of the burning flames,
flow as much as cold like a cold wind.

नये हाथ से, वर्तमान का रूप सँवारो
नयी तूलिका से चित्रों के रंग उभारो

Shape the present with new hands,
Bring out the colors of pictures with new brush.

नये राग को नूतन स्वर दो
भाषा को नूतन अक्षर दो

Give new composition, new sound
Give a language, new alphabet.

युग की नयी मूर्ति-रचना में
इतने मौलिक बनो कि जितना स्वयं सृजन है॥

In the era of new creation,
Be as much as basic as the creation itself.

लो अतीत से उतना ही जितना पोषक है
जीर्ण-शीर्ण का मोह मृत्यु का ही द्योतक है

Take that much from the past, which is nourishing.
The affection of dilapidated is, in fact, the indicator of death.

तोड़ो बन्धन, रुके न चिंतन
गति, जीवन का सत्य चिरन्तन

break the bounds, never stops the thinking
Speed, a true eternal thought of life.

धारा के शाश्वत प्रवाह में
इतने गतिमय बनो कि जितना परिवर्तन है।

In the eternal flow of stream,
Be as fast as the change itself.

चाह रहे हम इस धरती को स्वर्ग बनाना
अगर कहीं हो स्वर्ग, उसे धरती पर लाना

We desire to make this earth, a heaven,
And if there is a heaven, bringing it to the earth.

सूरज, चाँद, चाँदनी, तारे
सब हैं प्रतिपल साथ हमारे

Sun, Moon, Moon light, stars.
All are with us every moment.

दो कुरूप को रूप सलोना
इतने सुन्दर बनो कि जितना आकर्षण है॥

Give beauty to the malformed/ugly,
Be so beautiful like the attraction itself.

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