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Possessive Pronouns Posted by on Aug 14, 2009 in Hindi Language

My मेरा

Your (informal)(singular) तेरा

Your (informal)(plural) तुम्हारा

Your (formal)(plura) आपका

His उसका

Her उसका

It’s उसका

Our हमारा

Their उनका

Hindi possessive pronouns change depending on the gender and whether the noun is singular or plural. For example, ‘his dog’ in Hindi is उसका कुत्ता. However, ‘his dogs’ will be उसके कुत्ते. Notice that the noun ‘dog’ (singular) is different from ‘dogs’ (plural). That means that the possessive pronoun ‘his’ will also change.

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  1. Irshad Khan:

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