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Practice on Hindi Prepositions Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Hindi Language

Do you remember our post on the prepositions in Hindi? If not or you didn’t see the previous post on the compounds, lets have some practice on the same with some example sentences.

Preposition in Hindi is called संबंध बोधक (Sanbandha Bodhak). Prepositions are important as they join the various part of the sentences (noun, pronouns etc) to form a logical sentence.

Prepositions in Hindi are of 10 types. Those who are new learners or those who would like to revise all 10 types of compounds may refer to the following link: https://blogs.transparent.com/hindi/prepositions-in-hindi/

Prepositions are in bold in all three forms (Hindi, Romanized Hindi and English translations).

1. मैं तुम्हारे बिना नहीं रह सकती। – Main tumhare bina nahi reh sakti. – I can not live without you.

2. मेरे घर के पास एक मंदिर है। – Mere ghar ke paas ek mandir hai. – There is a temple near to my house.

3. राकेश गौतम के साथ खेलने गया है। – Rakesh Gautam ke sath khelne gaya hai. – Rakesh went to play with Gautam.

4. मेरे घर के आगे एक बाग़ है। – Mere ghar ke aage ek baag hai. – There is a garden in front of my house.

5. क्या तुम २ बजे के बाद आ सकते हो? – Kya tum 2 baje ke baad aa sakte ho? – Can you come after 2 p.m.?

6. वह तुम्हारी भांति बहुत गुस्से वाला है। – Vah tumhari bhaanti bahut gusse waala hai. – He is very angry person like you.

7. मैं रात भर काम करता रहा। – Main rat bhar kaam karta raha. – I was working the whole night.

8. नदी के पार एक पर्वत है। – Nadi ke paar ek parvat hai. – There is a mountain on the other side of the river.

9. माँ हमारे लिए खाना बना रही है। – Maa hamare liye khaana bana rahi hai. – Mother is cooking food for us.

10. उसका नाम और उसके काम एकदम विपरीत है। – Uska naam aur uske kaam ekdam viprit hain. – His name and his deeds are absolutely opposite.

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