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Roots and word formation Posted by on May 9, 2012 in Hindi Language

Roots are important in Hindi. Most of the words could be guessed if you know the roots. Today, I will show you some of the important roots and words made from them.

The formed words are given in following pattern with their romanized spellings and respective meanings.

1. अति (Ati) means अधिक (Adhik – Extra)

अतिरिक्त (Atirikt), अत्यंत (Atyant), अत्याचार (Ayachaar), अतिक्रमण (Atikaraman)
Additional, Extreme or Profound, Oppression, Encroachment

2. अधि (Adhi) means ऊपर/श्रेष्ठ (Uppar/Shestha)

अधिकार (Adhikaar), अध्यक्ष (Adhyaksh), अधिकरण (Adhikaran), अधिकृत (Adhikrit), अधिनायक (Adhinaayak)
Right, President, Tribunal, Authorized, Leader

3. अनु (Anu) means पीछे/समान (Piche/Samaan – Behind/Equal)
अनुभव, अनुकूल, अनुशासन, अनुरोध, अनुराग
Experience, friendly, discipline, requests, Affection

4. अप (Ap) means बुरा/हीन (Bura/Hin – Bad/Poor)
अपयश (Apyash), अपमान (Apmaan), अपकार (Apkaar), अपशब्द (Apshabd), अपराध (Apraadh), अपवाद (Apvaad)
Defamation, Insult, Disservice, Abuse, Crime, Except

5. अभि (Abhi) means सामने/ओर/अत्यधिक (Saamane/Aur/Atyadhik – Infront of, Toward, Too much)
अभिमान (Abhimaan), अभिशाप (Abhishaap), अभियोग (Abhiyog), अभिनव (Abhinav), अभिनय (Abhinay), अभ्यास (Abhiyaas), अभिलाषा (Abhilaasha)
Pride, Curse, Prosecuting, Innovative, Act, Practice, Passion or Desire

6. अव (Av) means बुरा/हीन (Bura/Hin – Bad/Poor)

अवगुण (Avgun), अवसर (Avsar), अवनति (Avnati), अवतार (Avatar), अवतरण (Avataran), अवशेष (Avshesh), अवज्ञा (Avgya)
Delinquency, Opportunity, Decadent, Incarnated, Incarnation, Remains, Defiance

7. उप (Up with u as in upper) means निकट/छोटा (Nikat/Chota – Near/Small)
उपचार (Upchaar), उपदेश (Updesh), उपक्रम (Upkram), उपग्रह (Upgrah), उपनाम (Upnaam)
Treatment, Teaching, Undertaking, Satellite, Nickname

8. नि (Ni) means नीचे/निषेध (Niche/Nishedh – Below/Forbidden)

निबंध (Nibandh), नियम (Niyam), निवारण (Nivaaran), निवास (Nivaas), निरोध (Nirod), निपात (Nipat), निषेध (Nishedh), नियोग (Niyog)
Essay, Rule, Prevention, Residence, Detention, Collapse, Inhibition, Mission

9. प्र (Pra) means अधिक/आगे (Adhik/Aage – Extra/Ahead)
प्रबल (Prabal), प्रसिद्ध (Prashidh), प्रयत्न (Prayatna), प्रगति (Pragati), प्रचार (Prachaar), प्राचार्य (Praachaarya)
Strong, well-known, effort, progress, promotion, Principal

10. प्रति (Prati) means विरुद्ध (Virud – Against)
प्रतिकूल (Pratikul), प्रतिनिधि (Pratinidhi), प्रतिकार (Pratikaar), प्रतिगामी (Pratigaami), प्रतिष्ठा (Prathishtha)
Adverse, Representatives, Resistance, Regressive, Reputation

11. वि (Vi) means विशेष (Vishesh – Special)

वियोग (Viyog), विदेश (Videsh), विनय (Vinay), विजय (Vijay), विनाश (Vinash), विज्ञानं (Vigyan), विपक्ष (Vipaksh), विकास (Vikash), विवाद (Vivad)
Separation, Foreign Affairs, Discipline, Conquest, Destruction, Science, Opposition, Development, Conflict

12. सु (Su) means अच्छा (Achcha – Well, Good, Fine)

सुगम (Sugam), सुर्लभ (Surlabh), सुबोध (Subodh), स्वच्छ (Svachh), सुपुत्र (Suputr), सुवास (Suvaas), स्वागत (Svaagat)
Easy, Accessible, Comprehensible, Clean, Son, Fragrance, Welcome

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