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Sari Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Hindi Language

A sari (साड़ी) is a long piece of cloth draped around the shoulders and waist. Sometimes the waist and stomach is exposed. It depends upon the region and the individual woman. The back may be bare as well.

The sari (साड़ी) is usually worn over a short sleeved shirt called a choli (चोली). The choli (चोली) was worn after the British came to India. Before the British, women were bare breasted. The British deemed this immoral, and so the choli (चोली) was worn out of modesty. Sometimes part of the sari (साड़ी) can be worn over the head as a covering called pallu (पल्लू).

The sari (साड़ी) can be bought or hand made. In fact, hand made saris (साड़ी) are much in demand. Hand made saris (साड़ी) take a lot of time to make, so they fetch a decent price at the marketplace. The poor make their own sari (साड़ी), but the cloth is made out of coarse cotton. The dye is made out of vegetable dye. The designs can be made out of wooden block prints.

The wealthy can afford fine silk for their saris (साड़ी). Golden silk threads are woven into the sari (साड़ी). This kind of embroidery is called zardozi (ज़रदोज़ी). For a really sparkling look, crystals and pearls are sewed unto the sari (साड़ी). Colored threads can also be woven into the sari (साड़ी). Most Indian women get at least one really good sari (साड़ी) in their lifetime, especially if it’s for their wedding.

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