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Short Joining of Vowels in Hindi Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Hindi Language

Sometime back, we have covered the topic of joining in Hindi which briefly covered all kind of joining. In this topic, I would like to cover only the short joining in vowels.

By short joining of vowels, I mean, when a word comes out of an combination of two short vowels .

Below you will find 3 groups of such joining which produces the long vowel combination. Have a careful look on the given examples.

1. Joining of अ (a) and आ (ā)

a. अ (a) + अ (a) = आ (ā)
अन्न (Ann – Wheat/Food Grain) + अभाव (Abhav – Scarcity) = अन्नाभाव (Annabhav – Scarcity of Wheat/Food Grain)

b. अ (a) + आ (ā) = आ (ā)
परम (Param – Ultimate) + आत्मा (Aatma – Spirit) = परमात्मा (Parmaatma – God)

c. आ (ā) + अ (a) = आ (ā)
रेखा (Rekha – Line) + अंकित (Aankit – Marked) = रेखांकित (Rekhaankit – Underlined)

2. Joining of इ (i) and ई (ī)

a. इ (i) + इ (i) = ई (ī)
रवि (Ravi – Sun) + इंद्र (Indra – God) = रवींद्र (Ravīndra – God of Earth)

b. इ (ī) + ई (ī) = ई (ī)
गिरि (Giri – Mountain) + ईश (īsh – God) = गिरीश (Girīsh – God of Mountains)

c. ई (ī) + इ (ī) = ई (ī)
मही (Mahī – Earth) + इंद्र (Indra – God) = महींद्र (Mahīndra – God of Earth)

d. ई + ई = ई
नदी (Nadī – River) + ईश (īsh – God) = नदीश (Nadīsh – God of Rivers)

3. Joining of उ (u) and ऊ (ū)

a. उ (u) + उ (u) = ऊ (ū)
गुरु (Guru – Master/Teacher) + उपदेश (Updesh – Lesson) = गुरूपदेश (Gurūpdesh – Lesson of the teacher)

b. ऊ (ū) + उ (u) = ऊ (ū)
वधू (Vadhū – Bridal) + उत्सव (Utsav – Celebration, Party) = वधूत्सव (Vadūtsav – Bridal Celebration)

c. ऊ (ū) + ऊ (ū) = ऊ (ū)
भू (Bhū – Earth, Ground) + ऊर्जा (ūrja – Energy) = भूर्जा (Bhūrja – Ground Energy)

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  1. vivekananda:

    This is a very important topic in Hindi.

    Can you supply the Sandhi rules for this joining process. The SUTRAS.