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Social Evils in India Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Hindi Language

In all societies around the world, there exist some or other social evils. These evils may exist in the form of inequality of gender or discrimination based on race, color, region, religion, nationality, child abuse, sexual orientation etc. Being a incredibly diverse country, India, is home to many cultures, religions, ethnicity, regions, colors etc. And sure enough, she has many social evils which are prevalent in Indian society.

India is facing social issues such as gender inequality, discrimination based on castes, regions, exploitation of children etc. With such issues, India seems to be so united yet so divided.

Social issues such as the discrimination based on the race or color is very rare in India though issues such as the discrimination based on caste, over centuries, is constantly stripping the dignity of a human being. Many political parties rule by dividing people on their differences of caste, religion, region etc.

Child exploitation is one social evil which is very sad. Many children are exploited and it is easy to see them working on some a shops because his parents are not rich enough to afford him a good life. People notice them and then ignore them.

Some social issues such as the gender inequity have resulted into other grave issues such as Female Feticide or fetal homicide, dowry, sexual harassment, non-education of females etc. Though the cities are marginally better than the rural regions in India, but such mentality is still prevalent with many Indians. The gender inequity has led the society to be male dominant. This has led a situation where crime rate against women is on rise. Since two weeks, Indian newspapers are filled with the news on the sexual assaults on women across India.

Media in various facet have been used by social reformers over the centuries. Modern social workers have covered such social evils through movies, serials, magazines and their teachings. In the recent time, the many issues such as Female Feticide or Fetal homicide, child exploitation etc have been taken in a talk show called “सत्यमेव जयते” (Satamav Jayate – Truth Alone Prevails). This show is created by Hindi movie actor and filmmaker, Aamir Khan. He has taken some other social issues such as mistreatment of children with disability in his films.

The perceived differences divide people who are, otherwise, capable of achieving a meaningful and harmonious life.

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  2. V.Sampath Kumar:

    Appreciate your iniciative in highlighting Evil practices in Indian Society. I wish We Indians will strive together to eradicate such generational practices.