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Subjunctive Mood Posted by on Apr 19, 2010 in Hindi Language

The subjunctive mood in Hindi can have several endings :

1st person singular : ऊँ

1st person plural : एँ

2nd person familiar singular :

2nd person familiar plural : आो

2nd person polite singular : एँ

2nd person polite plural : एँ

3rd person singular :

3rd person plural : एँ

Here are some examples :

I go – मौं जाएँ

We go – हम जाएँ

You go (familiar singular) – तू जाए

You go (familiar plural) – तुम जाआो

You go (polite singular) – आप जाएँ

The final stem vowels and are shortened in length as and before the subjunctive verb suffixes are added to them :

Examples include :

He drinks – वह पिए

They drink – वे पिएँ

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