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Superstition in India Posted by on Oct 26, 2013 in Hindi Language

Superstition (अन्धविश्वास – Andhvishvas) could be seen and heard all over the world, and India is no different. Let me show you some of the superstitions that many people believe in India.

  1. It is believe that you may face disappoint if a black cat crosses your way, while you are leaving for an important ask.
  2. It is good if you taste yoghurt before leaving for something important like examination.
  3. It is considered bad if you cut your nails at evening.
  4. You should not clean your house in evening with broom.
  5. Getting your hair cut on Saturday is not considered good and believe to bring you bad luck.
  6. Starting something important on Monday is considered good.
  7. Killing of any animals especially cats or snake is considered to bring bad omen.
  8. Eating meat on Tuesday is not considered good by many people.
  9. Many shop owners also don’t open on Monday or Tuesday.
  10. If someone gift you something in a box/utensil and you must return the box/utensil, the same should never be returned empty. You should offer something like snacks while returning it.
  11. Watering plants in the evening is also considered bad by many people.
  12. Bath must be taken immediately after coming back from someone cremation.
  13. Turning off an oil lamp or candle should be done so by air from blowing hands and not though mouth or whistling air.
  14. Books should not be touched with feet, it shows disrespect.
  15. When you purchase some appliances etc, some water drops must be sprayed on it as it is been received on the main door.
  16. A coconut is broken to inaugurate a building or a company.
  17. Many traditional shops hang lemon with green chili on the main gate in order to fend off evil spirit.
  18. Many people hangs black mask of demon in front of their houses to keep evil spirit away.
  19. Many people believe in astrology. They ask about horoscope data and take advise to solve their problem with some rituals or wearing rings, necklace and so on.
  20. Many people believe that religious idols (Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ, etc) can manifest their will by drinking milk, crying blood tears etc.
  21. It is believed that you should not use a broken mirror, else it may bring you bad luck.
  22. Hanging used horseshoe over house door will bring you prosperity and wealth.
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