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The Five Days of Diwali Posted by on Nov 18, 2021

Clay Lamps

Meaning of Diwali Diwali means a row of lights. The lights दीपक in question are not necessarily modern lights but more the little clay oil lamps तेल का दिया one sees in Indian homes. Lights are an essential part of the decorations सजावट of Diwali as the light is meant to ward off evil. People…

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How America Celebrated Diwali 2021 Posted by on Nov 10, 2021

Little Girl with a lamp

Last week, Hindus in America celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival त्यौहार of lights. At one time this would have seemed far-fetched. But, this year I was surprised विस्मित to read a Target ad on Diwali! Then, as the week went by I saw more and more news समाचार about the festival on television. I also…

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Mud Fort Building — A Unique Diwali Tradition Posted by on Nov 20, 2018

This November is a season (ritu/ऋतु) of many festivals (tyohar/त्योहार) including Diwali and Thanksgiving. Members of the Indian diaspora around the world celebrates Diwali with the same fervor as in their home country. Traditions and rituals (parampara aur anushthaan/परंपरा और अनुष्ठान) may vary from region to region, however the essential significance (mool mahatva/मूल महत्व) of…

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Happy Diwali Posted by on Oct 25, 2011

Diwali Puja

हमारे हिंदी पृष्ठ के सभी साथियों को दिवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये!  Happy Diwali to our Hindi Page Community! 🙂  Yes, the biggest festival of India has already started with today. Let me show you what this festival is all about and how it is celebrated.   Deepavali (from Sanskrit words, “Deep” for lamp and “Aavali” for…

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Diwali All Over India Posted by on Oct 30, 2009

Diwali (दिवाली) is celebrated all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways different regions celebrate the holiday. Before I begin, let me explain some of the reasons why Hindus regard Diwali as an important holiday. First, Hindus associate Diwali as the commemoration of Narakasura’s death. Narakasura was an evil demon…

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Diwali Posted by on Oct 27, 2009

This month is the celebration of Diwali (दिवाली) or Diipaavali (दीपावली), which is known as the Celebration of Lights. Small lamps are lighted to signify the triumph of good over evil. More specifically, Diwali recognizes the inner light of the aatman (आत्मन्) or the soul. Diwali is a festival where Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains…

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