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Top 10 Cultural Competence Tips Posted by on Jun 30, 2021

1. Understand Hindi language भाषा speakers have ways of expressing व्यक्त themselves that may be difficult कठिन to understand. They are used to speaking in a circular परिपत्र manner, to beat about the bush, as we say. But, given time समय one gets used to it. 2. Observe ध्यान से देखना always Look at the totality…

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The Tapori Culture of Mumbai Posted by on Mar 22, 2021

Guy riding a bike

Tapori Culture The Tapori language टपोरी भाषा also known as Bambaiyya language is a product of several कई Indian languages.  Stemming from Marathi, it has Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and other अन्य languages. Tapori adds nuances बारीकियों of flavor. It is in essence संक्षेप में the language of the street सड़क or the ‘footpath’. The Tapori…

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