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Summer Traditions Posted by on Jun 21, 2019

As yesterday was the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours (or Summer Solstice), which many people consider as ushering in the true intensity of summer (गर्मी/garmi or ग्रीष्म/greesham), I thought it would be fitting to discuss some of my summer reminiscences (याद/यादें, yaad/yaade, sing/plural) from the time I spent in Rajasthan…

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Cooling off in an Indian Summer Posted by on Jun 13, 2018

The summer months गर्मी के महीने (garmi ke maheene) in India are both good and not-so-good. They are good because they bring with them the season of the luscious mango आम (aam). However, once the mango आम season मौसम (mausam) or आम का मौसम (aam ka mausam) ebbs, the sun gets hotter and the hot summer wind लू (loo) gets unbearable. People resort to a variety of means for…

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The Meaning of the Monsoon Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

In North India, monsoon season lasts roughly from July to August and is colloquially known as “saawan” (सावन, masc. noun, which is also the name of the 5th month of the Indian calendar). In the semi-desert state of Rajasthan, where I used to live, this season is understandably greeted with anticipation and joy. Mangoes are…

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