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The Poetry of Nagarjun Posted by on Aug 9, 2019

This week, I’ll be discussing a Hindi and Maithili writer (लेखक/lekhak) who is not well-known (नामी/naami) outside of India but certainly should be. The author known as “Baba Nagarjun” (बाबा नागार्जुन) and “Yatri,” (यात्री) whose real name was Vaidyanath Mishra (वैद्यनाथ मिश्र) (~1911-1998), was born in the village (गाँव/gaanv) of Satlakha in Bihar (बिहार). It…

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Poems in Hindi – Gulabi Chodiyan Posted by on Jan 28, 2012

Let me present you a very lovely poem in Hindi. I think, poems are very powerful tool to express one’s feeling, be it’s sweet or bitter. Fortunately, in Hindi literature, we have so many great poets who had and still influencing the masses. I have translated this poem for you to read, understand and know…

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