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The Active and Passive Voice Posted by on Dec 24, 2009 in Hindi Language

The instrumental case can also be used to convert a speech from an active voice to a passive voice. In the active voice, the subject performs the verb. In the passive voice the verb is performed on the object by or through the subject. The subject acts as a king of instrument.

Here are some examples:

You drink tea: आप चाय पीते हैं (active)

Tea is drunk by you: चाय आपसे पी जाती है (passive)

She reads a book: वह किताब पढ़ती है (active)

The gets read by her: किताब उसके द्वारा पढ़ी जाती है (passive)

He wrote the letter: उसने खत लिखा (active)

The letter was written by him: खत उससे लिखा गया (passive)

I ate a mango: मैंने आम खाया (active)

A mango was eaten by me: आम मुझसे खाया गया था (passive)

You drink: आप पीते हैं (active)

It is drunk by you: आपके द्वारा पीया जाता है (passive)

Raam killed Raavana: रामने रावण को मारा (active)

Raavana was killed by Raam: रावण रामके द्वारा मारा गया था (passive)

Here’s a mini quiz: which is passive? active? 

 उससे आईना टूट गया (The mirror was broken by her)

उसने उमा से कहा कि… (He told Uma that…)
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