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The Interrogative Posted by on Feb 11, 2010 in Hindi Language

For today’s lesson we’ll learn how to form questions, but before we do, the following interrogative words may come in handy:

who : कौन

why : क्यों

what : क्या

when : कब

where : कहाँ 

how : कैसे

whom : किसको

which : कौन सा

how much : कितना 

how many : कितने

how, which way : कैसा

Let’s take a look at an example :

Will you go to Delhi tomorrow? : (क्या) तुम कल दिल्ली जाओगे?

A neutral yes or no question can be formed by placing an optional क्या at the beginning of a sentence. A neutral yes or no question is used when a definite answer is not expected.

Compare this with :

तुम क्या कल दिल्ली जाओगे

This sentence is identical as the sentence above, but the क्या is placed not at the beginning of the sentence, but after the pronoun. This is because questions like this are not neutral yes or no questions, but questions with interrogative words.

Here are some examples of questions with interrogative words :

How many boys are here? : यहाँ कितने लडके हैं

Who lives here? : यहाँ कौन रहता है

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