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The Potential Mood Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in Hindi Language

The potential mood has several suffixes depending on the pronoun :

I : –ऊँ 

We : –एँ

You : –एँ

He : –

She : –

They : –एँ

An example :

She may work – वह काम करे

The potential mood is formed a lot like the future tense, except that the ending गा , गी, and गे is omitted. So instead of करूंगा it will be करूँ .

The negative can also be used in the potential mood :

You may not cry – आप मत रोएँ

The potential mood can be turned into the interrogative mood by adding क्या to the beginning of the sentence :

May I go? – क्या मैं जाऊँ?

But using “can” is a bit different from the potential mood :

They can fall  – वे गिर सकते हैं

They may fall (potential mood) – वे गिरें

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  1. CM:

    I could comment on every single post, but I just wanted to say that it is all very useful. I love the quick explanations of different cases in particular. I also enjoy the cultural and historical lessons thrown in. Thanks for doing a great job with this blog.