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Blogs ब्लॉग are gaining popularity nowadays as a means of not only marketing विपणन your products but also as a means of authentic learning and teachingशिक्षण.

Bloggers bleed their hearts out on a page. Whether it is for work, or for fun! They are passionate जोशीला about their subject and so will be transparent when they write. When a person is passionate about their work or play, their thoughts are authentic. This leads to authentic words. Plus the cultural nuances सांस्कृतिक बारीकियां come into play more in this case.

So whatever your interests while learning language are, or whatever your motives इरादा for learning a foreign language are, there are numerous बहुत resources to learn.

  1. GyaniPandit is a good blog for educationशिक्षा . I particularly like the biography section which has information on all the famous Indians and their achievements उपलब्धि in a very easy to read style.
  2. Catchhow is another site that is great for how to’s and other practical information. While the grammar and spelling is not all that good, the style of writing is definitely colloquial बोल-चाल का and quite easily understood in a local context. This site is ideal for the intermediate मध्यम to advanced learner since the irregular sentence formations may be easier to understand.
  3. Samajkijankari is a blog that is about society समाज in general but specifically focuses on Haryana in particular. Lots of useful information about different organizations and schemes. A range of topics from schemes, to banks, politics राजनीति and other knowledge that one may need to know.
  4. MyHindiTricks is another good blog that focuses on technology. The topics range from history of inventions to the latest tech tutorial.
  5. AchhiKhabar is a blog that focuses on motivation प्रेरणा and personal development. They have essays, quotes and speeches. Also included are interesting facts, stuff about Mahatma Gandhi, and how to live a fulfilled life.
  6. FutureTricks has topics on how to navigate नौचालन करना technology and the internet. What is the meaning of memes, and how to create short cuts for various types of technology apps.
  7. AchhiBaat is a neatly arranged व्यवस्था की website blog that is easily navigable. This site also teaches how to blog, set up AdSense and make money via blogs.
  8. HindiSamadha blogs about how to open a bank account in India. How to apply for a bank loan and how to use Google Pay.
  9. RahulDigital is a blog that features the top ten Hindi apps for ordering food in India. This one is close to my heart! Best online shopping sites in India – hopefully the ones that don’t scam – top courier companies etc. The fare on this blog is a little erratic अनियमित and it is not categorized. This involves scrolling through multiple pages to find what you want to read, depending on interest.
  10. Techshole is about, what else, but blogging, internet and how to make money blogging.

These blogs have some things in common ठीक उसी तरह. They do use everyday language, a bit of English and Urdu words thrown in and grammatical irregularities. There are spelling mistakes in some, and English written out phonetically in Devanagari. But then, a handy dictionary शब्दकोश closely will aid you as you navigate the articles and blogs on these sites. You may say you prefer text book structured Hindi and that is fine. But if you want to experience authentic target language writing, here it is!

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