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Top 20 Word Pairs in Hindi Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Hindi Language

In Hindi, there are some words that goes in pair. These word pair can be formed using same word, two different words, antonyms, meaningful & meaningless and two meaningless words. We, native Hindi speakers, use these words pair in our daily conversations all the time, so let me tell you some of the most important word pair in this post.

These words pair could mean quite different than their literal meanings and that is what make them interesting. Moreover these pairs can be a noun, adverb or verb or both of any, therefore the grouping for each pair is given in bracket. Some example sentences below the table will clarify the usage.

Hindi Romanized Hindi Meaning in English
1.  ढीला-ढाला dhila-dhala slow (personal attribute) (noun)
2.  बोल-बाला bol-bala effect, influence (noun)
3.  छेड़-छाड़ ched-chad tease ( as noun and verb)
4.  ताल-मटोल tal-matol to make excuse (as noun and verb)
5.  मार-धाड़ mar-dhaad violence (as noun and verb)
6.  अनाप-शनाप aanap-shanap nonsense (as noun and verb)
7.  ख़ुसर-पुसर khusar-pusar whisper (as noun and verb)
8.  एरा-गेरा era-gera trivial, unimportant person (noun)
9.  जहाँ-तहाँ jahan-tahan everywhere (noun)
10.  काम-काज kam-kaj work, being busy (noun)
11.  रूखा-सूखा rukha-sukha anything (food) (noun)
12.  रहन-सहन rahan-sahan living (noun)
13.  देखते-देखते dekhte-dekhte within moment (adverb)
14.  बच्चा-बच्चा baccha-baccha almost everyone (noun)
15.  गाँव-गाँव goan-goan almost everywhere (noun)
16.  सुख-दुख shukh-dukh happiness-sadness (noun)
17.  रात-दिन raat-din all the time (noun)
18.  ठंडा-गरम thanda-garam sudden change (in environment),
19.  थोड़ा-बहुत thoda-bahut atleast something (noun)
20.  जीवन-मरण jeevan-maran life (noun)

Example Sentences:
Sometime a pair an be used as verb by adding “करना” (karna – to do) at the end of words pair. This apply to all marked as (as noun and verb). Please see an example below:

ख़ुसर-पुसर (Khusar-Pusar) (Whisper) (Noun)
क्या ख़ुसर-पुसर हो रही है? – kya khusar pusar ho rahi hai? – what whisper is going on?
ख़ुसर-पुसर करना (Khusar-Pusar karna) (to whisper) (verb)
ख़ुसर-पुसर करना सही बात नही है – khusur pusar karna sahi baat nahi hai. – to whisper is not a good thing to do.

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