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Top 5 Cities in India Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Hindi Language

India offers many places to explore for their natural, cultural and historical heritage. In this post, I would show you top 5 cities in India which are worth a visit.

Mumbai – मुंबई
Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra, a western state of India. This city is known for being the financial capital of India and center of Hindi movie production known as Bollywood. This city is the most populous city in India. Many people migrate to this city to try their luck in Hindi movies and finding a job, no wonder this city is the most populous city of India.  City is adorn with India’s highest skyscraper, warm hospitality, sea shore, and lively spirit.


Delhi – दिल्ली
Delhi is an important ancient city of India which was known as Indraprastha in ancient texts. Besides millennia old remnants of many kingdoms and societies, the city is the power seat of Indian politics. This north Indian city is divided into two parts known as New Delhi, the capital city of India which offers modern architecture of Delhi and old Delhi which is offers some of the traditional architecture and markets called Baazar. It boosts the best infrastructure in India and offers very good connectivity across the whole metropolitan region. It offers plenty of historical monuments, gardens, very warm hospitality besides incredible blend of north Indian cuisine.

Bengaluru – बेंगुलुरु
Previously known as Bangalore, Bengaluru has emerged as one of the biggest IT hub of the world. This south Indian city has seen a rapid globalization over 2 decades and thus offers a blend of old and modern architecture. It is one of the most expensive cities in India. The city offers a perfect weather round a year. Scenic gardens, Coffee plantations, silk factories and intricately curved temples are some of the attractions to see in and around the city.  

Jaipur – जयपुर
Jaipur is known as the city of grand palaces, forts, and lakes. Because many monuments are painted in Pink color, it is also known as India’s Pink City. This city is relatively new as it was founded in 16th century AD. It offers plenty of venues for arts and cultural spots. Indian tourism organizes several cultural and folk festivals around the year.

Hyderabad – हैदराबाद
City of Hyderabad offers a perfect blend of historical and modern way of life of south of India. The city consists of many historical monuments & remnants of the medieval times. Besides history, it is a important center of Information technology of India housing some of the biggest multinational corporation in IT. The city is home to Tollywood, the Telugu film industry.


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