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Vaikunta Ekadashi Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mukkoti Ekadashi, also known as Vaikunta Ekadashi, is a holy Hindu festival that occurs in December of January of the solar calendar. Hindus all over India fast and go to Vishnu temples to hear speeches and recite prayers. According to legend, the tradition of fasting originated when the female alter ego of Vishnu burned a demon to death with her eyes. The god Vishnu was grateful and offered to grant her any wish. She begged to make the day of her victory a day where people would be cleansed of their sins. As a result, people fast on Vaikunta Ekdashi for spiritual cleansing.

People all over India clamor to get a glimpse of the procession held on this occasion. The Vaikunta Ekadashi celebrations near Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu are no exception.

There are several rituals that are involved in purifying the deity. Incense is burned, and the statue of the deity is cleansed with milk, honey and other sweet smelling scents. The statue of the deity is also furbished with garlands of flowers, gold and other adornments.

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