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Vocabulary in Hindi – Family Posted by on Jun 23, 2013 in Hindi Language

How about describing family and relations in Hindi? Do you know the vocabulary that you need? let me show you the necessary vocabulary.

The following list (सूची – suchi) contain Hindi vocabulary (शब्दावली – shabdaavali) related to work. English words and their translations (अनुवाद – anuvaad) into Hindi (in Devanagari script) are given along with their pronunciations (उच्चारण – ucchaaran) in Hindi. Hope you’ll learn many new words in Hindi with this post.

Cousin (paternal) Sisterचचेरी बहनChachērā Behan

    English      Hindi   Rom. Hindi
    Father      पिता      Pitā
    Mother      मां      Mā
    Brother      भाई      Bhā’ī
    Sister      बहन      Behan
    Son      बेटा      Bēṭā
    Daughter      बेटी      Bēṭī
    Grandmother      दादी      Dādī
    Grandfather      दादा      Dādā
    Grandson      पोता      Pōtā
    Granddaughter      पोती      Pōtī
    Uncle      चाचा      Chāchā
    Aunt      चाची      Chāchī
    Cousin (paternal) Brother      चचेरा भाई      Chachērā Bhāī
    Cousin (maternal) Brother      ममेरा, मौसेरा भाई   Mamērā/Mauserā Bhāī
Cousin (paternal) Sister चचेरी बहन Chachēri Behan
Cousin (maternal) Sister      ममेरी, मौसेरी  बहन Mamērā/Mauserā Behan
    Nephew      भतीजा      Bhatījā
    Niece      भतीजी      Bhatījī
    Father-In-Law      समधी      Samadhī
    Mother-In-Law      सास      Sās
    Son-In-Law      दामाद      Dāmād
    Daughter-In-Law      बहू      Bahu
    Brother-In-Law      बहनोई      Bahanōī
    Sister-In-Law      साली      Saali
    Great-Grandfather      परदादा      Paradādā
    Great-Grandmother      परदादी      Paradādī
    Step-Daughter      सौतेली बेटी      Sautēlī Bēṭī
    Step-Father      सौतेले पिता      Sautēlē Pitā
    Step-Mother      सौतेली माँ      Sautēlī Mām̐
    Step-Brother      सौतेला भाई      Sautēlā Bhā’ī
    Step-Sister      सौतेली बहन      Sautēlī Bahana
    Step-Son      सौतेला बेटा      Sautēlā Bēṭā
    Step-Uncle      सौतेले चाचा      Sautēlē Chāchā
    Step-Aunt      सौतेली चाची      Sautēlī Chāchī
    Step-Grandfather      सौतेले दादा      Sautēlē Dādā
    Step-Grandmother      सौतेली दादी      Sautēlī Dādī
    Half-Brother      सौतेला भाई      Sautēlā Bhā’ī
    Half-Sister      सौतेली बहन      Sautēlī Bahan
    Ex-Husband      पूर्व पति      Pūrva Pati
    Ex-Wife      पूर्व पत्नी      Pūrva Patnī
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  1. Roshna:

    What about great aunts and uncles….

    • Nitin Kumar:

      @Roshna @Roshna: In Hindi, the great (or grand) aunts and uncles are pronunced as grandmother and grandfather.