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Vocabulary in Hindi – Geography Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in Hindi Language

In this post, let me show you basic vocabulary related to geography in Hindi. Geography is called  भूगोल (Bhugol) in Hindi.

The following list (सूची – Suchi) contain Hindi vocabulary (शब्दावली – Shabdaavali) related to geography. English words and their translations (अनुवाद – Anuvaad) into Hindi (in Devanagari script) are given along with their pronunciations (उच्चारण – Ucchaaran) in Hindi. Hope you’ll learn many new words in Hindi with this post.

English Hindi Rom. Hindi
Africa अफ़्रीका Afrīkā
Antarctica अंटार्टिका Aṇṭārṭikā
Asia एशिया Ēśiyā
Australia ऑस्ट्रेलिया Ŏsṭrēliyā
Europe यूरोप Yūrōpa
North America उत्तरी अमेरिका Uttarī Amērikā
South America दक्षिण अमेरिका Dakṣiṇa Amērikā
Arctic उत्तरी ध्रुव Uttarī Dhruv
Bay खाड़ी Khāṛī
Beach समुद्र तट Samudra Taṭ
Cave गुफा Guphā
Creek खाड़ी Khāṛī
Desert रेगिस्तान Rēgistān
Earth पृथ्वी Pr̥thvī
Forest वन Van
Hill पहाड़ी Pahāṛī
Island द्वीप Dvīp
Lake झील Jhīl
Mountain पहाड़ Pahāṛ
Peak शिखर Śikhar
Plain सादा Sādā
Pond ताल Tāl
River नदी Nadī
Riverbed नदी का ताल Nadī Kā Tāl
Sea समुद्र Samudra
State राज्य Rājya
Stream धारा Dhārā
Swamp जलमग्न Jalamagna
Valley घाटी Ghāṭī
Waterfall झरना Jharanā
Woods जंगल Jaṅgal
Capital राजधानी Rājadhānī
Climate जलवायु Jalavāyu
Continent महाद्वीप Mahādvīp
Coast तट Taṭ
Country देश Dēsh
National Park राष्ट्रीय उद्यान Rāṣṭrīya Udyāna
Ocean सागर Sāgar
Steep Coast खड़ी कोस्ट Khaṛī Kōsṭ
Tropical उष्णकटिबंधीय Uṣṇakaṭibandhīy
Divided विभाजित Vibhājit

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