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Vocabulary in Hindi – Vegetables Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Hindi Language

Do you know the vocabulary of vegetables (सब्ज़ी – Sabji/Sabzi) in Hindi? If your answer is no, let me help you with this post.

There are lots of vegetables in India which are available round the year. As you may know, that the most of the Indians belonging to Hinduism adheres to strict vegetarian diet, the vegetables are important in Indian kitchen. Let me show you the vocabulary for some of the commonly available vegetables in India.

English Hindi Rom. Hindi
Beet चुकंदर Chakundar
Broccoli ब्रोक्कोली Broccoli
Cabbage गोभी Gobhi
Carrot गाजर Gaajar
Cauliflower फूलगोभी Phool Gobhi
Celery अजवाइन Ajvaain
Chicory कासनी Kaasani
Coriander धनिया  Dhaniya
Corn मकई Makai
Cress चन्द्रशूर Chan
Cucumber खीरा Khira
Gourd लौकी Loki
Kohlrabi कोल्हाबी Kohlrabhi
Jackfruit कटहल  Kathal
Lettuce सलाद पत्ता Salad Patta
Melons खरबूज़ा Kharbuza
Mushrooms कुकुरमुत्ता,  Kukurmutta
Mustard सरसों  Sarsaun
Okra भिंडी Bhindi
Onions प्याज़ Pyaaz
Pak Choi चीनी गोभी   Chini Gobhi
Paprika शिमला मिर्च Shimla Mirch
Parsnip चुकंदर Chakhundar
Peas मटर Mattar
Peppers मिर्च Mirch
Potatoes आलू Aloo
Pumpkins कद्दू Kaddu
Radish मूली Muli
Rutabaga शलजम Shaljam
Spinach पालक Palak
Corn मकई Makai
Sweet potato मीठा आलू Mitha Aloo
Tomatoes टमाटर Tamatar
Turnips शलजम Shaljam
Watermelon तरबूज Tarbuz
Yam रतालू Ratalu
Zucchini तोरी Tori
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