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World Heritage Temple Caves in India Posted by on Jun 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place of cultural or physical significance. In India there are four major rock carved temple caves that have been designated as World Heritage Sites.

The Elephanta Temple Caves contain many sculptures of the Hindu god Shiva. When the Portuguese arrived in India, they used many of the Shiva sculptures as shooting targets. The only sculpture that was spared from destruction was the Trimurti Sculpture. The Trimurti Sculpture depicts Shiva with three heads. One side of the head is masculine while the other has feminine features. The center head is the head that conjoins the two heads in harmony.

The Ellora Temple Caves are located in the city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra. One of the caves is called the “Carpenter’s Cave” and is famous for its 15 foot statue of the Buddha. Among the Hindu caves is a famous cave called the Kailasa. This Cave was constructed to be a replica of Mount Kailash, which was the abode of Lord Shiva. Among the Jain caves is a famous cave called Indra Sabha. This cave is renown for its detailed and ornate celling carvings, including one of a lotus flower.

The Varaha Cave Temple are located in the village of Mamallapuram, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Varaha Cave Temple was formerly used only as a site of worship, but now it is a World Heritage Site and people come from all over to see the famed entrance to the Varaha Cave Temple. The entrance consists of a Mandapa, which are pillars that are often used in Hindu temple architecture. The interior of the Temple is covered with bas relief carvings that are intricate and exceptional for its time.

The Ajanta Temple Caves are located near the village of Ajinthaa, in Maharashtra. Tourists come to the Ajanta Temple Caves to see the exquisite paintings on the walls of the Ajanta Caves. The paintings narrate the story of the Buddha’s life. In one of the caves, the paintings depict Buddha with a begging bowl. In another cave the Buddha is depicted with curly hair. Still yet in another cave, young ladies with different skin colors are portrayed in elegant poses.


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