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Grammar vocabulary Posted by on Oct 28, 2011

I’m starting to learn Swedish with the help of “Sænsk málfræði” (Swedish Grammar) by Sigrún Helgadóttir Hallbeck. I checked it out at the city library, and as I find grammar textbooks the easiest thing to read in Icelandic, I decided to put up a word list here. The example sentences are actual sentences taken out…

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Street art Posted by on Oct 21, 2011

Here’s some more street art: (EDIT 15/04/2012: I’ve removed two of the images that were originally in this post)     For a while there were big mounds of grass around the immediate downtown area, I have no idea why and I lost my other photos of them. Then white silhouettes appeared on some of…

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Spelling Posted by on Oct 14, 2011

Again this is partially taken from the textbook I’m writing, so I’d really appreciate if something is wrong or not understandable. Here are the letters currently in the Icelandic alphabet. The chart is sorted by: letter, both capitalized and lowercase / How the letter is spelled in Icelandic / How to pronounce the letter name…

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Numbers post two Posted by on Oct 10, 2011

Here are the remaining things I have for numbers. If you don’t understand anything, if I missed something, or if you didn’t learn dative case for example, just tell me and I’ll write another post. Accusative: Karlkyn Kvenkyn Hvorugkyn einn eina eitt tvo tvær tvö þrjá þrjár þrjú fjóra fjórar fjögur Dative: Karlkyn Kvenkyn Hvorugkyn…

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Numbers part one of two Posted by on Oct 6, 2011

Most of this is just taken from stuff I’ve typed up as drafts for a textbook, but I’ve added things in and if you don’t understand anything just ask. I figure most of you readers know this stuff already but there were a few people who were interested in learning Icelandic and who weren’t already…

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Getting and renewing a student permit Posted by on Oct 3, 2011

The official site for this is here, but it’s confusing and has out-of-date information. Remember that I’m posting what someone from outside of the EEA has to do. Note: You must be eighteen or older to get this permit, unfortunately. My friend found this out the hard way, and even though I never noticed anything…

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