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How To Properly Use Articles: A Crash Course Posted by on May 15, 2018

I was recently reviewing some old class materials, and realized that I needed a refresher course in the proper use of articles. And what better way to learn than by teaching others? So today let’s look at definite and indefinite articles. A few notes before we begin: a definite noun designates a specified entity. In…

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Fringe Theater Flourishing In Iceland: An Interview With Rvk Fringe Festival Director Nanna Gunnars Posted by on May 1, 2018

For this week’s blog, I met up with the charismatic Nanna Gunnars, co-director of the 2018 Reykjavik Fringe Festival. We chatted about the nature of a Fringe festival, the Icelandic cultural scene, and some interesting words to know for the event! Nanna, what is a Fringe Festival?  A Fringe Festival is an art festival that…

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