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Indonesian Food and Drink Vocabulary Posted by on Jul 20, 2017

What Do Indonesians Eat?

When you’re learning a new language to travel in a country, you’ll want to study a lot of vocabulary related to food and drinks. After all, you have to eat multiple times a day! Rather than rely on English menus and tourist-friendly restaurants, it’s best to learn how to order in Indonesian so you can…

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Fruits in Indonesian Posted by on Nov 28, 2016

Galungan offerings

There’s all sorts of delicious fruit available in Indonesia. Learn 25 Indonesian words for fruit in this short video, then get out there and eat some of it! Now you can answer the question… Anda suka makan buah apa? (What fruit do you like to eat?)  

Indonesian Fruit Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 25, 2016

Fruit (buah) is an important part of the Indonesian diet. Markets all over the massive archipelago nation are stocked with all kinds of fresh, tropical fruits. Before we get into how fruit is eaten in Indonesia, let’s learn some vocabulary. Indonesian Fruit Vocabulary Here are 30 Indonesian words for fruits. You’ll notice that some are…

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