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Idioms Posted by on Aug 24, 2009 in Avançado

One of the most colorful aspects of a language are idioms. Idioms are fixed expressions that carry no meaning if you try to understand it word by word. On this post we’re going to be talking about some idioms that are very common in English.

When we say that the phone is ringing off the hook it means two things: a) that the phone is ringing constantly or b) that our company has been getting lots of calls from people who want to buy or product or our service. Let’s see an example:

Their phone started ringing off the hook with orders after they redesigned their new furniture line, making it more stylish and comfortable. And better yet, with a very reasonable price!

Now, when we say that we are on the same wavelength with someone, it means that we are in agreement with them. This expression comes from the fact that the radio has to be tuned to the same wavelength as the station that is broadcasting to reach radios in houses, offices, etc. A similar expression is to be on the same page as someone. Check out an example:

When John started working in that multinational company he felt he and his supervisor weren’t on the same wavelength but as it turns out, they started working closely on a project and they’re part of a great team.

An opposite expression is to be on different wavelengths.

OK, a very interesting expression is to be hanging by a thread. This means that a project, a job is barely surviving or runs the risk of being cancelled or not having the fund it needs to be completed.

My supervisor said that the chances of getting our project funded is hanging by a thread because last year’s project turned out to be a flop.

Would you know more examples with the idioms above? Post your comment here and share it us!

See you next time!

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