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Fale inglês como um americano: a pronúncia de he, him, his, her e them Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Pronúncia

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Hey, there!

Na fala normal do inglês americano, os pronomes he, him, his e her perdem o som aspirado de h e o pronome them perde o som do th completamente.

Ouça e leia alguns exemplos:


This is just stuff he knows.
Did he go to school yesterday?
Does he still study English?
Has he been to the States yet?
Is he nice?
What did he say?
When did he travel?
Should he study more?


I used to love him. I don’t anymore.
I’ve known him for ages.
Tell him not to do that.
Where did you meet him?
I sent him the package. I wonder if he got it.
Have you seen him lately?
They saw him with another woman.
What’s his name?
What’s his e-mail?


I used to love her, but I had to kill her. (Guns ‘n Roses)
Did you know the girl that died? – Yeah, I knew her.
What’s her name?
How long have you known her?
Where did you meet her?
Tell her to call me.
Have you seen her lately?


The lights are off. Turn them on, please.
I love these eggs. How did you cook them?
Eat your vegetables. Eat them!
Tell them you’re not ready.
Did you send the packages yet? – Yeah, I sent them this morning.
I love your earrings, where did you get them?
Pick up the towels and hang them up to dry.
The students were misbehaving so the teacher had to tell them off.

This is it for today, people! More good things to come tomorrow, take care!

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About the Author: Adir

English / Spanish teacher and translator for over 20 years. I have been blogging since 2007 and I am also a professional singer in my spare time.


  1. magda:

    Realmente na fala, muda tudo. Muito interessante e util. Obrigada pelas suas dicas. Estou sempre aprendendo algo com voce,

  2. Rodrigo Cantarino:

    Very good podcast, congratulations!!
    I am beginner in english, thank you for that post, you are very good teacher, your explanations are easy for follow.

    God light you !!

  3. Ricardo:

    Parabéns Adir mais uma vez pelo seu post…!!!sempre muito bom…

  4. Lena:

    That’s great!!!!
    I’m learning speak english since 2010 and I’ve never seen one site such simple and nice! So congratulations! Thanks a lot for information!

  5. Nedyson:

    Curto muito os seus Podcast, inclusive esse. Mas bem que voce poderia fazer um outro podcast falando essas dias um pouco mais lento… Eu consegui pegar algumas, mas não todas. Seria muito bom se voce fizesse isso!

    Have a good one, and thanks for everything!

  6. dulcemar tótola faustini:

    Great! Last week a student of mine asked me about gotta. And then I explained its informal use. kisses

  7. Luís:

    A question: É só no inglês americano que se pronuncia assim? Não se pronuncia assim nos ingleses britânico, australiano, neozelandês e… sei lá, sul africano e jamaicano?