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Palavras básicas, significados avançados – Parte 02 Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Avançado

Hoje continuamos com a segunda parte das palavras básicas que têm significados avançados em inglês. Are you ready?

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1. Chair

– to lead a meeting or formal discussion. Jennifer offered to chair the next staff meeting. [conduzir]

2. Cloud

– to make nebulous, especially in a metaphoric way. The strong emotions I was feeling clouded my good judgement. [atrapalhar]

3. Coat

– to put a protective or decorative substance on something. The breakfast cereal is sugar-coated. [decorar, cobrir]

4. Coin

– to create a new word or term. Benjamin Franklin coined the term “battery”. [cunhar]

5. Dish

– to give and say things, especially hurtful and harmful things. She dishes out criticism very easily, but doesn’t accept any. [distribuir, dar]

6. Edge

– to advance little by little. The tide edged toward our beach umbrellas. [avançar lentamente]

7. Egg

– to encourage someone to do something that is not good or advisable. The man was beating the homeless person and the crowd was egging him on. [incitar, animar]

8. Eye

– to flirt with something or someone. I’ve been eyeing that car since it was released. [flertar, olhar]

9. Face

– to admit to or confront. The criminal knew he would have to face charges. [encarar]

10. Fashion

– to create something in an improvised way, using different components. At the last minute, I fashioned a Halloween costume from a garbage bag and some string. [criar]

11. Foot

– to pay for someone else’s expense. The company foots all my travel expenses. [pagar]

12. Ground

– to punish a child or adolescent by prohibiting their activities. That’s the third time you’ve come home late. You’re grounded! [colocar de castigo]

Fonte: Como Dizer Tudo em Inglês Avançado, de Ron Martinez. Compre na Livraria Disal.

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