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Howdy! – O Inglês dos Cowboys Posted by on Dec 15, 2013 in Intermediário

Hello, there!

Tenho certeza de que você já ouviu os cowboys americanos falarem nos filmes e séries, mas você sabia que eles têm um dialeto próprio de falar? Então, eles têm sim! E hoje vou te apresentar algumas expressões bem comuns para que você as reconheça na próxima vez que ouvi-los falar.

howdy = hi
howdy partner = hi there friend
ya’ll = all of you
ya = you
giddy up = let’s go (sempre dito quando se cavalga)

Head ‘em up, move ‘em out. = Let’s go. (Let’s move these cattle.)
a dude = a person who tries to dress like and talk like a cowboy, but really is a city person [pessoa que tenta se vestir e falar como um cowboy, mas que é realmente alguém da cidade]
wet your whistle = have a drink (usually alcohol)
hoedown = a dance
a half-wit = a stupid person
city-slicker = a person from the city
tenderfoot / greenhorn = a new person
hoosegow / calaboose= jail
namby-pamby = not brave
pony up = hurry up
skedaddle = get out of here
the jig is up = the game is over; the truth has been exposed
He’s a goner. = He’s dead.
by hook or crook = any way possible
in cahoots = doing something in secret
yokel = a person from the country (not the city)
yonder = over there
saloon = bar/restaurant

Agora um diálogo de exemplo:

A: Howdy.
B: Howdy partner.
A: Are you going down to wet your whistle at the saloon tonight?
B: Not me, that saloon over yonder is full of namby-pamby city slickers. I don’t go there anymore. I’m going to the hoedown tonight.
A: By hook or crook I think I’ll join ya! I’m tired of being around all those dudes at the saloon.
B: Well, we better head ‘em up and move ‘em out and get back to town. Pony up!
A: Giddy up, I’m right behind ya’.

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