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Useful Adjectives With -Ing – Part 02 Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Intermediário

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Hoje temos a segunda parte dos adjetivos muito úteis terminados em -ing. Você pode ver a primeira parte clicando aqui.

Let’s do this!

Disgusting – extremely unpleasant; very bad or shocking
…boxes of fish that smelt absolutely disgusting
It was a disgusting waste of public money.
The behavior of the crowd was quite disgusting.

Disturbing – worries and makes you feel uncomfortable
I found the book deeply disturbing.
…disturbing images of war and death

Encouraging – makes you feel hopeful
The news from the doctors is very encouraging.
…an encouraging smile

Excrutiating – very, very painful
I tried to move my leg, but the pain was excruciating.
She suffered from excruciating headaches.

Fattening – makes you fat
Avoid fattening foods and take more exercise.
Fats are the most fattening foods of all.

Gratifying – makes you feel good about what you do or did
It’s gratifying to note that already much has been achieved.
The support was considerable and very gratifying.

Infuriating – makes you feel very, very angry
The infuriating thing is that he is always right.
…an infuriatingly tricky crossword puzzle

Insulting – makes you feel insulted
I found his comments deeply insulting.
…insulting remarks

Intimidating – makes you feel scared because you feel you are not equal to the task or person
We certainly weren’t friends with our teachers – we found them very intimidating.
…the intimidating presence of my step-father

Humbling – it “deflates” your ego
It was particularly humbling to be chosen from such a strong shortlist, he said.
It is a bit humbling to think that he would seek me out for help and counseling.

Inviting – makes you want to go inside, or makes you feel you want it
The log fire looked warm and inviting.
…an inviting outdoor pool

Lasting – lasts a long time
The reforms will bring lasting benefits.
Their generosity made a lasting impression on me.

Liberating – makes you feel free, especially emotionally
…the liberating power of education
The technological advances that once seemed so liberating had become oppressive.

Loving – behaving in a way that shows you love someone
What that child needs is plenty of loving care.
He’s very loving and affectionate with his sister.

Mesmerizing – puts you in a kind of hypnotic trance
...mesmerizing eyes
Awesome visuals make this series stunning to watch, and the plot is mesmerizing.

Misleading – words or facts meant to deceive
The article was misleading, and the newspaper has apologized.
These figures are highly misleading.

Moving – arouses emotion
His letter was deeply moving.
The film tells the moving story of a doomed love affair.

Nauseating – makes you want to vomit; making you feel annoyed or offended
…the nauseating smell of rotting fish
…his nauseating remarks

Overpowering – too strong
…an overpowering smell of rotten flesh
He felt an overpowering desire to slap her.

Overwhelming – in force or quantities so strong that it’s impossible to go against or resist
She felt an overwhelming desire to hit him.
There is overwhelming evidence that smoking damages your health.

Painstaking – with a lot of care and effort
The work had been done with painstaking attention to detail.
Chris described in painstaking detail what had happened.

Patronizing – to talk to someone or treat someone as if they are less important or intelligent
…a patronizing attitude
…a patronizing tone
I don’t mean to sound patronizing, but …

Pleasing – makes you feel good
The atmosphere was very pleasing to her.
The room was simply furnished and pleasing to the eye.

Puzzling – confusing, hard to understand
That was the most puzzling aspect of the whole situation.
Gary found her reaction puzzling.

Adaptado de Como Dizer Tudo Em Inglês Avançado, de Ron Martinez.

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