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Useful Adjectives With -Ing – Part 03 Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Intermediário

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Hoje terminamos a série de adjetivos úteis terminados com -ing. Are you ready to rock’n roll?

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Rewarding – provides personal satisfaction, especially professionally
Do you find your work rewarding?
Our journey to the Yukon was a very rewarding experience.

Satisfying – makes you feel satisfied
She finds writing poetry deeply satisfying.
It can be very satisfying to work in the garden.

Scathing – harsh criticism
The committee’s report is quite scathing.
He launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister.

Slimming – clothes that make you look thinner
Solid colors are more slimming than patterns.
slimming black ski pants

Sobering – makes you remember that not all in life is good
It was a sobering thought.
The news had a sobering effect.

Sprawling – very widely spread out
a sprawling city
There was a sprawling kitchen and a pair of couches on the polished wood floors.

Staggering – so surprisingly impressive that it shocks you
The cost was a staggering $10 million.
The financial impact on the town was staggering.

Startling – surprises and scares you
Nobody made any response to his startling suggestion.
It is startling to read that his father never visited him in hospital.

Starving – very hungry
I’m not just hungry, I’m starving!
The kids are starving – let’s go grab a bite to eat.

Stimulating – stimulates you physically or mentally
a stimulating discussion of world politics
the stimulating effects of coffee and tea

Suffocating – makes you want to have more space, physically or otherwise
It’s suffocating in here! Can you open a window?
In time the marriage became suffocating.

Tantalizing – very pleasantly inviting
a tantalizing display of chocolates
the tantalizing smell of fried bacon

Tempting – seems very good and you would like to have it or do it
a tempting job offer
That pie looks tempting.

Terrifying – very scary
He told her of his terrifying experience.
It was absolutely terrifying.

Threatening – actions or words that you interpret as aggressive
His voice sounded threatening.
a threatening gesture

Thrilling – very exciting
a thrilling and unforgettable experience
a thrilling 3 -2 victory

Towering – very tall; extremely impressive
towering snow-covered mountains
Picasso is a towering figure in the history of 20th-century art.

Troubling – makes you feel anxious or worried
troubling results
This incident raises troubling questions.

Trusting – a person who trusts easily
a shy and trusting child
She’s so trusting of people.

Trying – annoying or difficult to endure
That child is very trying.
They do the best they can in trying circumstances.

Unassuming – showing no desire for attention or admiration
David is one of the most unassuming, down-to-earth people I think I’ve ever met.
He was widely respected, much admired, and regarded as a modest, unassuming man.

Unbending – stubborn
She’s always been unbending when it comes to music styles.
Phone reps and supervisors were unhelpful, unbending and, eventually, rude.

Undying – lasting forever
They declared their undying love for each other.
The handwritten note, with its claims of undying love, is anything but subtle.

Unforgiving – does not forgive people easily or is intolerant of mistakes
His heart is made of stone. He’s such an unforgiving man.
She was an unforgiving teacher.

Uplifting – makes you feel happy and positive
an uplifting experience
Christmas stories should be uplifting, nurturing and yes, a little corny.

Upsetting – makes you feel angry or emotional
Don’t you see how upsetting that is to him?
Even news sites can feature stories and photographs that are upsetting or scary.

Welcoming – friendly and pleasant, especially to someone who has just arrived at a place
The people are all so friendly and welcoming.
It’s a traditional hotel with a welcoming atmosphere.

Willing – offering to do something that maybe the person does not want to do
I wasn’t willing to accept every item on the list.
They are very willing to give her the chance she needs.

Adaptado de Como Dizer Tudo Em Inglês Avançado, de Ron Martinez.

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