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Back to the Relative Clauses AND Discussing Fools! Posted by on Mar 31, 2010

(le Róislín) As you may have guessed, this blag will introduce some of the Irish terms for “fool” and will resume our long-awaited (right?) series of irregular verbs in direct and indirect relative clauses.  This is in honor of Lá na nAmadán, the day of fools, April 1.  Amadán is the most basic Irish word…

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Irish Numbers 1-100 (with pronunciation) Posted by on Mar 30, 2010

(le Róislín) Maidir leis na briathra neamhrialta (i.e. the irregular verbs that we were working on), briseann muid isteach ar an gclár sin leis an liosta seo a thabhairt duit.  Is cuid de tionscnamh (project) ag Transparent Language é – na huimhreacha ó 1 go 100 a scríobh amach i ngach blag (do na teangacha…

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Seachtain Fhéile Pádraig a Ceathair: An tSeamróg (The Shamrock) Posted by on Mar 22, 2010

(le Róislín) Maybe this series should really be “Coicís Fhéile Pádraig” (St. Patrick’s Fortnight).  Actually, this will probably be the last blag on “Naomh Pádraig” for this year, though there’s enough information on him to have the series last go ceann bliana (for a year). I thought we’d wrap up with “an tseamróg,” before we…

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Seachtain Fhéile Pádraig a Trí: Pub-crawling Posted by on Mar 17, 2010

(le Róislín) Aon ábhar ní b’fhearr ná beáir, given the “seachtain” that’s in it? Here are two phrases for pub-crawling in Irish.  Both are really based on the idea of “rambling,” rather than “crawling’ as such, which would be “lámhacán ([LAWV-uh-kawn] moving on one’s hands and knees) or “snámhaíocht” ([SNAWV-ee-ukht] loosely, “land-swimming”). 1) Beidh muid…

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Seachtain Fhéile Pádraig a Dó: 38 Lí Eile – Céard Iad? Posted by on Mar 16, 2010

So, we’ve covered two out of the alleged “daichead lí den dath “green” – “glas” and “uaine.”  Well, three, if we count “glasuaine” (vivid green).  Oh, and yes, we’re still on “sos” (break) from the irregular verbs.  I haven’t forgotten them and am actually “ar bís” to get back to them, since I just love…

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Seachtain Fhéile Pádraig a hAon: How Many Shades of Green? Posted by on Mar 15, 2010

(le Róislín) It’s such a festive week, I thought we’d take a break from irregular verbs (an gcloisim “hurá”?) and do a mionsraith Fhéile Pádraig. Maybe it’s not exactly 40 shades, as in the popular song, but there are two key words for “green” in most dialects of Irish: glas and uaine. And yes, they…

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Ag Síor-Réimniú (de réir cosúlachta) ach Tá Muid Meidhreach Fós (tá súil agam): An Briathar “Tar” (Come) Posted by on Mar 11, 2010

Ar dtús, an ghnáthshúil siar ar an mblag deireanach (an briathar “téigh”) agus na foirmeacha coibhneasta.  If you don’t remember the translations for these, please check back in the most recent blog.  Keep in mind that this a particularly irregular verb, changing roots for all three tenses (té-, present; chuaigh, past; rach-, future).  I think…

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