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Treoir don Treoir: A Guide to the Guide (for Pronunciation), Cuid a 3 Posted by on Jul 29, 2010

(le Róislín) The past few blogs discussed the use of the superscript letters “zh” and “y” and the use of the gamma symbol (γ) to represent broad “dh” and “gh.”   This blog will deal with the use of “kh” to represent the “guttural ch” pronunciation in Irish in words like “ach” and “loch.”  The linguistic term…

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Treoir don Treoir: A Guide to the Guide (for Pronunciation), Cuid a 2 Posted by on Jul 27, 2010

(le Róislín) Treoir don treoir, an ea?  Well, here’s more! The most accurate way to transcribe the sound of the broad Irish “gh,” as in “gharbh,” is by using the Greek gamma symbol, γ. It looks a little like a “v” with an extra loop at the bottom. It represents the voiced velar fricative, a sound…

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Treoir don Treoir: A Guide to the Guide (for Pronunciation) Posted by on Jul 25, 2010

I get a lot of requests for assistance with Irish pronunciation, so I thought I’d do a few more blogs dealing with vocabulary from previous entries and explaining how to read my pronunciation guide.  In other words, treoir don treoir (a guide to the guide).  I’ve done this from time to time anyway, here and…

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Nótaí ar Fhuaimniú na bhFocal sa Bhlag Is Déanaí [Pronunciation] Posted by on Jul 23, 2010

Here are some pronunciation notes for the last blog.  Again, the purpose of the occasional blogs that are devoted primarily to pronunciation here is to provide a rough guide, especially aimed at addressing the issue of silent letters.  For more practice with pronunciation, I always recommend Transparent’s Word of the Day, which comes with sound…

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Laethe Náisiúnta nó Idirnáisiúnta Eile i Mí Iúil (Chess, Mosquitoes, and Junk Food, Oh My!) Posted by on Jul 22, 2010

And what do those topics have in common?  Well, they all have a lá náisiúnta or idirnáisiúnta in July.  And they’re all interesting words vocabulary-wise.  But then, I find almost all words interesting vocabulary-wise.  My latest cool word in English?  “Limicoline,” which would describe various lapairí, such as feadóga, gobadáin, agus falaróip.  “Limicoline” isn’t actually…

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Mí Iúil: Mí Náisiúnta … (ainmnigh thusa é) Posted by on Jul 20, 2010

(le Róislín) Before continuing with specific holidays celebrated on specific days in July, let’s look at three subjects that are celebrated all month long, at least i Meiriceá: Brocairí Teo Uachtar Reoite Frithleadrán All are interesting to ponder as causes of celebration and all are interesting as far as vocabulary goes.  As far as I…

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Lá an Bastille (July 14th) Posted by on Jul 13, 2010

We’ve just discussed the Irish for “Bastille Day” and how the word “Bastille” stays exactly the same as it is in French.  How about a few questions in Irish inspired by the history and background of this formidable building.  1.. Cad é an frása Gaeilge caighdeánach ar “the storming of the Bastille” (la prise de…

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