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Irish Storytelling Posted by on Jul 28, 2021

Haigh, a chairde! Recently I read a BBC article about the Aos Scéal Éireann, or Storytellers of Ireland, who gather in public spaces to tell anything from traditional Irish folk tales and mythology to historical events. This new generation of storytellers in Ireland are based on the seanchaí who were the original storytellers well before…

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An Ghaeilge agus Éirí Amach 1916 Posted by on Jul 23, 2021

An Ghaeilge agus Éirí Amach 1916 – The Irish Language and the Rising of 1916 In the Irish Times I recently came across a publication originally from 2016. It is a 32 page document which intended to provide analysis on relevant topics relating to the vision that existed for language and society 100 years ago…

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